I don't have anything against other camera brands, but I choose to use Canon products as much as possible.  I have been a Nikon user in the past but have chosen to jump to the other side.  Canon is, in my humble opinion, very ergonomical for my large hands, easy to customize, and have great all-around optics.  

This is a list of what I have in my camera bag and what I shoot most of my weddings, events, and portraits with.

Canon 5d Mark ii:  This is my primary camera and it shoots beautiful images, is a workhorse, and very consistent.  Very user friendly and works well for what I need.

Canon EOS T2i:  This is my backup or second camera.  I usually like to have 2 camera bodies available for any scenario I encounter.  This body usually has a zoom lens attached for those hard to reach distant shots.

Canon 70-200mm F4 lens

Canon 24-105mm F4 lens

Canon 50mm F1.4 lens

Canon 50mm macro lens

Tokina 12-24mm

Canon 480ex flash

Manfrotto tripod 


Lightroom 4